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Mike D.

“If you are considering training at Valor Ridge, get off your butt, grab your credit card, and sign up for a class now. You will NOT regret it. Recently taking the pistol and rifle class back to back was one of a few transformative experiences I have had in my life. My attitude has changed about a lot of things, and I now know all the stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know. If you are looking to be berated by a foul-mouthed drill instructor, you should probably find another school. If you desire instructors who spend their time bragging about all the “ops” they’ve been on or all the bad guys that they “capped”, you should probably train elsewhere. If you would like to develop a proper attitude towards violence, improve your marksmanship, and also discover and refine your purpose, then Valor Ridge is a very good choice. Even if all you do is come for the hills and stay for the history lessons, the experience at Valor Ridge is worth the price of admission. Reid’s experience as a high school teacher has given him the ability to distill processes and problems down to their very essence. You quickly realize that when it comes to firearms and combat, Reid and J.J. are eminently worth listening to. As an added bonus, they are both patient instructors who really seem to care about their students. With the upcoming improvements to the campus, I think Valor Ridge is going to prove to be very popular. You might want to sign up now to get better with your pistol or rifle. I pray I never need the knowledge and skills I learned there, but I am more confident and grateful that I have them if I ever need them.”