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I am new to guns, shooting, and training. Is Valor Ridge the right place for me?

We excel at helping each student become their best. Regardless of your experience level, you will be treated with dignity by instructors who are eager for you to improve. This is not a “macho” type school with over the top characters who talk to down to people. You will receive professional, respectful instruction according to your needs and ability. Our staff have trained novices, experienced shooters, and professional warriors alike. We take pride in making sure our students leave the campus with confidence, competency, and ability. Our goal is for you to live for the purpose in your heart of defending yourself, loved ones, and the nation.

What is a typical class size?

Class sizes vary depending on which course is being taught, but rest assured that we limit our class sizes in order for you to receive maximum attention from the instructors. You will not be anonymous during class. We maintain a low student to instructor ratio. We believe in quality over quantity and you will get the individual attention you deserve in our classes.

What time do classes start/end?

Classes start at 9:00 A.M Eastern Standard Time. Please arrive at 8:30 A.M. EST the day of class. We want to get the most out of your time here, so please provide for getting lost, traffic, etc. Our classes usually end roughly around 5:00 P.M. Students are only permitted on campus the day of class.

Do you offer rental or loaner guns?

No. You will need to bring the firearms you wish to train with in class. It’s always a good idea to bring a spare gun as well.

Can I swing by the Ridge for a look around or a visit?

Absolutely not. Our campus is open to registered students on class days only. No visitation is permitted.

Is student lodging offered on campus?


Where are hotels?

The Tazewell Motor Lodge, offers Valor Ridge students a discount. Register via phone call.

The Olde Mill Inn Bed and Breakfast offers Valor Ridge students a discount.

The Holiday Inn, Sleep Inn, Days Inn, and Cumberland Gap Inn– located in Middlesboro, KY– are also recommended.

All lodging options are less than minutes from Valor Ridge.

What does a day of training consist of?

Classes are intermixed with classroom sessions and range sessions. Bring your own food and snacks to class for the day. The days are fast-paced, but keep in mind that we only have a few days with you. We want you to get the information that may save your life.

What type of ammunition or firearms should I use?

Reloaded ammunition is not allowed at Valor Ridge. Training is not the time to skimp on ammunition, and we have seen more problems with reloads than any other cause put together. Some students were unable to continue training due to damaged weapons and lack of ammo. If you use reloads in our courses, and you or other persons are injured, you will be held civilly liable for any and all damages that take place to others and our property. Please use new, factory loaded ammunition. If it is discovered that you are using reloaded ammunition, you will be removed from class.

As the result of numerous issues that have arisen over the years, we will no longer allow internally-modified firearms once they leave the factory in our classes, unless the work was performed by a certified, qualified gunsmith.

Examples of modifications not requiring a gunsmith are:

  • Aftermarket sights
  • Aftermarket rails
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts including springs, connectors, firing pins, etc…
  • Mil-spec bolts and bolt carriers (Colt, BCM, Daniel Defense, CMMG, LMT, etc…)
  • Retaining plates for AK trigger pins (Krebs Custom retainer plates)
  • Stipling on pistols or pistol grips
  • Firearms converted or rebuilt by manufacturers such as Rifle Dynamics, Krebs Custom, ETC…
  • Complete factory lower receivers
  • Complete factory upper receivers

Can I ship my ammo and gear to Valor Ridge for class?

No. You will need to ship ammo to the address of your hotel or lodging location. Simply put your name as the recipient. DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING TO THE 1160 OAK GROVE RD ADDRESS OF VALOR RIDGE.

Do you offer combatives/unarmed classes?

We do not but we recommend Coy Harry in Nacogdoches, TX. He teaches Shen Chuan Close Quarter Tactics and is extremely well-versed in armed and unarmed techinques. Coy is an exceptionally talented teacher of firearms and martial arts.

We also recommend TheCompleteCombatant with Brian Hill in Marietta, Georgia.

Are oversized vehicles (e.g., 18 wheelers, trailers, commerical vehicles, RVs, etc) permitted on the property?

No. Our driveway will only accommodate standard sized personal vehicles.

I have never had to travel with a gun. How do I do so?

You will need to bring the gun you want to use in class. When driving from states other than Tennessee, refer HERE.

When flying, refer HERE for instructions on how to properly transport your firearm.

Which classes require prerequisites?

Prerequisites for each are listed in the course descriptions. No exceptions — regardless of prior training.

Does Valor Ridge train people in other locations?

No. The one exception is AK Armorer/Rifleman in Las Vegas. This is because we have collaborated with Rifle Dynamics for this class only. Rifle Dynamics is located in Las, Vegas, Nevada.

What does your logo represent?

Valor Ridge’s logo consists of a man with a flintlock rifle, mountains behind him, and thirteen stars. The man symbolizes those who keep and bear arms for self defense, defense of their country, and defense of their family. The mountains represent the Appalachians, specifically Cumberland Gap, where Valor Ridge is located, and where Daniel Boone explored. The thirteen stars represent the thirteen original colonies which later became states when they defeated the British and won independence, forming the greatest country the world has ever known, the United States of America.

Cancellation/ Refund/ Exchange Policy:

Booking a class at Valor Ridge is a commitment to train on your given course dates. Tuition sale is final. We do not offer refunds or transfers to students who cancel or fail to show up for class. We do offer refund or credit in the highly unlikely event Valor Ridge finds it necessary to cancel a course. This policy is firm and there will be no exceptions.