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Leon A.

“This was an outstanding two days of Pistol Craft I. A true teacher at work, Reid guided my class through rigorous drills with ease. All skill levels were represented and appropriately coached to a higher level. This course has an effective mix of shooting and classroom lecture/discussion. Reid conveyed the purpose for the drills and the necessity of adhering to them. Understanding the real world life and death consequences of decisions and actions is a game changer and challenges pre set behaviors, I as well as others brought with us. Moreover we were challenged through the classroom portion to evaluate our own purpose for both owning/carrying a pistol and seeking training. Being an Armed Citizen is more than simply owning a gun. Being an Armed Citizen is a mind set that speaks to one’s purpose as a human being generally and an American in particular. This is the best money I have spent on firearms in my life. I believe this so much that I have paid for my 21 year old daughter to take the next Pistol Craft I class at Valor Ridge.“