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Chris A.

“I’ve read all the reviews assessing Reid Henrick’s Valor Ridge Pistol Craft I Training class. I positively, 100%, align myself with everything men have written. BUT there is a review missing……….from the perspective of a woman……..specifically a 4’11”, 112 pound woman (me) who had minimal hands-on experience with “her” pistol. Oh, sure, I carried “it” in my purse. I shot “it” reluctantly at the range (God forbid “it” would run out of bullets or yikes JAM!…..hand “it” to hubby, “Help me”.) I consciously knew this was not where I wanted to be with “my” pistol. I did not have ownership of the pistol. Literally, the pistol owned me.

Along the 10 hour or so drive up from Mobile, Alabama, I lamented jokingly (but maybe not really) how I might be banished to spend the weekend with the goats. (Reid has an attractive small family of goats that roam at their leisure at The Ridge.) Unspoken insecurities only escalated when I found myself that early Saturday morning amongst 13 men in the class chatting it up obviously all that and more about firearms. Inside my lonesome self, I’m thinking, “Now how does that reloader we just bought work?”

So let’s fast forward to Chris AFTER her Pistol Craft I Training at The Ridge. First, let me proudly say I was NOT banished to the goats! (No, there no such thing!) Here is where I need to mention my expertise hopefully validating further this review and my perspective. I have taught struggling, at risk children to read for 30 some years. These children’s confidence level (feelings) is usually a shambles while their attitudes (choices) towards actively being engaged to learn to read is hanging by a thread. The masterful teacher knows HOW TO detect these feelings, analyze the interferences and what is the most powerful part of reading that needs to be accomplished NEXT…….being systematic and explicit at the LEARNER’S LEVEL is crucial. I was that struggler in Reid’s class, Reid, the masterful teacher. Reid differentiated his instruction to meet all 14 of our needs. MY training, on the surface, was no different from the 13 others. We were all challenged and expected to perform the same drills BUT…… were given personal stepping stones,instruction,throughout the entire day(s), that afforded confidence building and real growth in skill level. I never FELT marginalized nor inadequate from Reid nor my classmates. I became empowered. My Glock began to meld with my hand and mind in partnership. I now know what trigger control means and look forward to my practice at the shooting range. My once brand new belt proudly displays scratches from my repeated attempts to clear a left handed only monumental jam! Yep, I CAN DO! I OWN THIS GLOCK!

So here’s the skinny review of Pistol Craft I Training at Reid Henrick’s Valor Ridge:

1. LADIES…..a place does exist that WILL respectfully accept your existing skill level and empower you to carry…….not in your purse!

2. GUYS…..don’t leave your girlfriend or wife at home. Valor Ridge will empower them to PERSONALLY defend themselves and possibly others!

3. Just take my word for it……….LET YOUR MAGS DROP TO THE GROUND! (Inside tip for taking the class.)

4. Be prepared to engage in an experience at the The Ridge that will impact your life forever. BTW…….my 21 year old daughter will be taking the Pistol Craft I Training class in March….how much more can I say?

5. Dare to Defend Yourself Ladies!!! Learn how at The Ridge.”