Students are the focus of our company.  Below are a few representative course reviews our students have shared with us. You can also read the most current reviews HERE

“Valor Ridge is a first-class firearms training school. Reid Henrichs is a talented instructor, who has created a very special facility in the Cumberland Gap. Simply put, everyone who carries a firearm or is contemplating doing so should take at least one course at Valor Ridge. I have trained with big “brand name” instructors across the country as well as experienced local instructors. This only to point out I have some perspective about Valor Ridge as compared to other training opportunities. Videos and reviews are incapable of properly describing the experience you will have at Valor Ridge. The shooting drills will challenge your abilities, push you outside of your comfort zone and leave you wanting more. The classroom lectures are a cross between a history lesson and a motivational speech, leaving you feeling a sense of patriot urgency to be a better American.

Unlike many schools, Valor Ridge welcomes experienced and novice shooters, families or professionals, young and not so young. I look forward to training with Reid at least once a year, or more often if possible.”

–Eric E.

“As a corporate training professional for the past 9 years, I can honestly say the time I spent training at Valor Ridge with Reid Henrichs and J.J. Wittenborn was an invaluable experience. Reid and J.J. are absolute professionals, with the insight and experience to teach and empower anyone with a willingness to learn. You will learn more in your short time here than you ever thought was possible. I was accurately shooting targets at 200 yards within (literally) the first few hours of day 1. By day 2 I felt more confident with a rifle than I have ever felt before, accurately placing shots from 5 to 300 yards with relative ease. I am not a unique example, everyone in class was able to do this. Valor Ridge offers a SAFE, informative, friendly, and scenic atmosphere for you to come learn about how to handle almost any type of firearm. If you are on the fence about booking training here, just do yourself a favor and do it. You will not regret it.”

–John B.

“This course [Rifleman I] is what your looking for! In this industry there is really 2 types of training. Realistic, safe, and educational or there’s let’s take money from people and yell at them and be overly safe to the point that training isn’t benefiting the shooter! Valor Ridge will make you accountable for every round, Reid runs a program that turns out better shooters on demand and builds the confidence some people are seeking and you will leave knowing that you can make a difference in the future not just be more accurate. This is the best training and mindset discussions you can get and my background is military/private contractor. I was glad to meet the staff as much as get the range time in with this group.”

–Andrew L.

“As a woman who grew up around guns and married a man extremely interested in firearms, I was no stranger to the idea or handling of guns. I have carried a pistol with me for over 3 years with the hopes that I would never have to use it. I can honestly say, 4 days worth of Pistolcraft I and Pistolcraft II prepared me more to actually carry a gun and protect myself and others more than the countless hours that have been spent at an indoor or outdoor range. I was challenged both mentally and physically, and at times completely doubted my abilities. The training, the environment, and the instructors were the best at making me overcome those obstacles. I owe MANY thanks to Reid Henrichs and James Owens for the training I received. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning more about their firearm and actual application in the real world to check out these courses. My husband and I will definitely be back for more classes.”


“The lectures for Pistolcraft 1 were almost worth the price of admission in and of themselves. Reid is really in his element in the classroom and he transitions very well from jokes, levity, and the occasional asides to some of the darker, yet necessary, subjects such as the possibility of having to kill someone with your handgun to save the lives of others. The location is absolutely beautiful, and the roaming goats can add a little comedic relief while your grabbing a snack or reloading your mags. The amount of material covered in the class made it relatively dense, but definitely doable for the 2 day class. The level of confidence both my girlfriend and I gained was huge. By the end of the 1st day my girlfriend went from timid about shooting to ringing a 8 inch diameter steel target at 25 yards on the first try. At the end of the day, she scored 96/100 on the FBI pistol qualification and I scored a 98/100. Overall we both loved it and were pleasantly surprised by the great learning environment, lectures, and drills on the range. Highly recommend!”

–Walker W.

“I just finished attending the Pistol Immersion class, (Pistol Craft I and Pistol Craft II with austere conditions) at Valor Ridge, April 2~ April 5. If you are considering these classes and weighing trying to decide if they are right for you or you for them, well question no more , JUST DO IT! You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and the innocent around you. Don’t look at it as a costly endeavor………….. it is an INVESTMENT in your future safety and those around you.
Reid is the main instructor and will always be the main instructor though he has a staff of top notch instructors that assist. It is very evident by the content and the flow of the exercises and classroom lectures, Reid has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours in design and preparation. He is truly committed in teaching you the best life-saving skills for defensive pistol. The course descriptions are exactly what you will be taught and drilled on. Do they sound a bit scary? They sure did to me, but if this 64 year old can do it so can you! Heck, there was a young woman in our class with her husband and her improvement was remarkable under Reid’s patient guidance. It’s simply amazing how he teaches the course content to all levels of experience and everyone comes away with the same skills and knowledge.
Finishing the class, I’ve never felt more prepared for the worst case scenario of defending myself or loved ones and more sure of my skills and ability in executing the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship.
I would take it again, but I’m going to start planning for the rifleman classes.”

–Ken G.

“The training that we gained at this class was outstanding. The way that Reid and J.J instruct everyone from teenagers to seniors is simply awesome. As a father and a husband it is my duty to make sure I give my family the best tools to stay alive. For anything I can not teach I will always look to Valor Ridge for instruction. It is that good. I would recommend Pistol Craft and Rifleman to anyone. What they have done with myself and my daughter I can not be more satisfied. Thank you guys so much.”

–Jeff D.

“I took the Pistolcraft I course on the 5th and 6th of December in 2015. First and foremost, Reid Henrichs’ insight and professionalism are astounding. He stresses what needs to be stressed, and doesn’t what doesn’t, he doesn’t yell at you, and he makes you feel right at home. Robert E. Lee’s definition of a gentlemen says that a gentleman is someone who is humbled by others and cannot help but inspiring humility, and Reid Henrichs is definitely a gentleman. The course was extensive and moved at a quick, but manageable, pace. We were all amazed how much we covered, and how quickly he lead us to get it, in the short time we were there. If you do not learn something here, you aren’t doing it right. I cannot recommend it enough. Take this class.”

–Robert T.

“If you are considering training at Valor Ridge, get off your butt, grab your credit card, and sign up for a class now. You will NOT regret it. Recently taking the pistol and rifle class back to back was one of a few transformative experiences I have had in my life. My attitude has changed about a lot of things, and I now know all the stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know. If you are looking to be berated by a foul-mouthed drill instructor, you should probably find another school. If you desire instructors who spend their time bragging about all the “ops” they’ve been on or all the bad guys that they “capped”, you should probably train elsewhere. If you would like to develop a proper attitude towards violence, improve your marksmanship, and also discover and refine your purpose, then Valor Ridge is a very good choice. Even if all you do is come for the hills and stay for the history lessons, the experience at Valor Ridge is worth the price of admission. Reid’s experience as a high school teacher has given him the ability to distill processes and problems down to their very essence. You quickly realize that when it comes to firearms and combat, Reid and J.J. are eminently worth listening to. As an added bonus, they are both patient instructors who really seem to care about their students. With the upcoming improvements to the campus, I think Valor Ridge is going to prove to be very popular. You might want to sign up now to get better with your pistol or rifle. I pray I never need the knowledge and skills I learned there, but I am more confident and grateful that I have them if I ever need them.”

–Mike D.

“I’ve read all the reviews assessing Reid Henrick’s Valor Ridge Pistol Craft I Training class. I positively, 100%, align myself with everything men have written. BUT there is a review missing……….from the perspective of a woman……..specifically a 4’11”, 112 pound woman (me) who had minimal hands-on experience with “her” pistol. Oh, sure, I carried “it” in my purse. I shot “it” reluctantly at the range (God forbid “it” would run out of bullets or yikes JAM!…..hand “it” to hubby, “Help me”.) I consciously knew this was not where I wanted to be with “my” pistol. I did not have ownership of the pistol. Literally, the pistol owned me.

Along the 10 hour or so drive up from Mobile, Alabama, I lamented jokingly (but maybe not really) how I might be banished to spend the weekend with the goats. (Reid has an attractive small family of goats that roam at their leisure at The Ridge.) Unspoken insecurities only escalated when I found myself that early Saturday morning amongst 13 men in the class chatting it up obviously all that and more about firearms. Inside my lonesome self, I’m thinking, “Now how does that reloader we just bought work?”
So let’s fast forward to Chris AFTER her Pistol Craft I Training at The Ridge. First, let me proudly say I was NOT banished to the goats! (No, there no such thing!) Here is where I need to mention my expertise hopefully validating further this review and my perspective. I have taught struggling, at risk children to read for 30 some years. These children’s confidence level (feelings) is usually a shambles while their attitudes (choices) towards actively being engaged to learn to read is hanging by a thread. The masterful teacher knows HOW TO detect these feelings, analyze the interferences and what is the most powerful part of reading that needs to be accomplished NEXT…….being systematic and explicit at the LEARNER’S LEVEL is crucial. I was that struggler in Reid’s class, Reid, the masterful teacher. Reid differentiated his instruction to meet all 14 of our needs. MY training, on the surface, was no different from the 13 others. We were all challenged and expected to perform the same drills BUT…… were given personal stepping stones,instruction,throughout the entire day(s), that afforded confidence building and real growth in skill level. I never FELT marginalized nor inadequate from Reid nor my classmates. I became empowered. My Glock began to meld with my hand and mind in partnership. I now know what trigger control means and look forward to my practice at the shooting range. My once brand new belt proudly displays scratches from my repeated attempts to clear a left handed only monumental jam! Yep, I CAN DO! I OWN THIS GLOCK!
So here’s the skinny review of Pistol Craft I Training at Reid Henrick’s Valor Ridge:

1. LADIES…..a place does exist that WILL respectfully accept your existing skill level and empower you to carry…….not in your purse!
2. GUYS…..don’t leave your girlfriend or wife at home. Valor Ridge will empower them to PERSONALLY defend themselves and possibly others!
3. Just take my word for it……….LET YOUR MAGS DROP TO THE GROUND! (Inside tip for taking the class.)
4. Be prepared to engage in an experience at the The Ridge that will impact your life forever. BTW…….my 21 year old daughter will be taking the Pistol Craft I Training class in March….how much more can I say?

Dare to Defend Yourself Ladies!!! Learn how at The Ridge.”

—Chris A.

“This was an outstanding two days of Pistol Craft I. A true teacher at work, Reid guided my class through rigorous drills with ease. All skill levels were represented and appropriately coached to a higher level. This course has an effective mix of shooting and classroom lecture/discussion. Reid conveyed the purpose for the drills and the necessity of adhering to them. Understanding the real world life and death consequences of decisions and actions is a game changer and challenges pre set behaviors, I as well as others brought with us. Moreover we were challenged through the classroom portion to evaluate our own purpose for both owning/carrying a pistol and seeking training. Being an Armed Citizen is more than simply owning a gun. Being an Armed Citizen is a mind set that speaks to one’s purpose as a human being generally and an American in particular. This is the best money I have spent on firearms in my life. I believe this so much that I have paid for my 21 year old daughter to take the next Pistol Craft I class at Valor Ridge.“

–Leon A.

“You will walk away with a new outlook on self defense, with the confidence that you can take care of any situation that may arise. Could not have been happier.”

–Greg D.

“My family and I just completed the first PistolCraft 1 class at Valor Ridge and we are absolutely Honored and Thrilled to have been a part of it. The three of us came with very little experience, almost no experience and we left two days later confident in our ability to safely handle a firearm and to quickly end the fight if one comes our way. We also were reminded what it means to be an American and a responsible Citizen of this country. I have never encountered a more caring, educated, skilled and sincere group of instructors as Reid and JJ and Patriot Nurse, his team is phenomenal, they are good people…. The best… And we will be back….”

-Chuck R.

” I am sitting here trying to put into words what my experience was like at Valor Ridge… Despite my general ease with words, it is not easy. The reason why is not just because of all the techniques taught, the class lectures, the kinship experienced with other students or even Reid as an individual. There is a spirit that is conveyed that is hard to quantify in a few paragraphs, but let me try.

The class jumps right into all the techniques you will need to know to save your life and the lives of others. There is no bullshit here, no fancy words, or pontification from the instructor. Reid breaks it down and gets rid of the often overly complicated art of fighting with a handgun. You will quickly come to see how simple, although not always easy, it really is. Within 48 hours you will have all the basic skills one would need for a lifetime of practice, and you will be shooting at a level and confidence above where you were before you started. The road for you to travel as you continue on the path of mastery will be very clear. In short, the limitations you are left with, will be the ones you put on yourself.

The lectures are short and to the point. No time is wasted on glory or ego. They are the “why” to what you do. Reid inspires, but does so with little fanfare. The class is not about him, or about anyone else, but you, and only you, as an individual. There is no hero worship here, no equipment orgies, there is no rank. You are there to work on you alone, and that is how it should be. Reid is an equal opportunity instructor. Leave your ego at the gate.

I am left with trying to describe the spirit of the class, and as much as Valor Ridge is Reid Henrichs, there is a spirit that is conveyed that is bigger than the school or Reid or any one individual… I think everyone walks away with a little something different, but to generalize, I would say you will understand not only the often talked about right to bear arms, but the responsibility you have to do so. You will be in communion with something greater than yourself. This, to me, was as valuable as any technique I learned, as the techniques themselves are practically useless without the desire to practice and the will to execute them if need be. The warrior spirit is awakened and the ego is put back to bed…”

Lewis L.

” The instruction at Valor Ridge was more than I could have hoped for in a firearms class. Reid Henrichs has a way of taking something that you have complicated the hell out of and making that task simple and very effective. Where ever you are make your way to one of his classes. You’ll be glad you did.”

-Jon E.

“…I completed Pistol Immersion (4 day course that combines Pistolcraft I & II) 4/2/16 – 4/5/16 and all of my expectations for this course were exceeded. Reid Henrichs, James Owens, and Patriot Nurse are hands downs some of the most knowledgeable, professional, and respectful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They all have the heart of a teacher and want all of their students to succeed and stay alive. Trust them and pay attention to every lesson that they teach.

The property and range are beyond amazing. Everything is very clean…the range is not littered with brass casings, and the view of the Cumberland Mountains / Gap looks like a postcard. It’s truly the perfect landscape for developing a martial attitude, marksmanship, and purpose of action.

Next, there is no reason whatsoever to feel intimidated or scared to train at Valor Ridge. Outside of my conceal carry course (basic NRA pistol) I had no prior training experience. The age range in my class was around 27 – 64, two women were present who were beyond capable of completing the course, and the experience level ranged from beginner to students that had multiple courses under their belts. Everyone in the class had a great attitude and came to learn.

Finally, I can say that I feel much more confident in my abilities to protect myself and others if attacked. Reid’s curriculum will present you with some of the most austere conditions one could imagine. However, it’s better to experience these conditions and gain familiarity in training vs experiencing them for the first time while being attacked.

I will definitely come back to Valor Ridge for more training. In the interim, I look forward to implementing what I learned into my daily practice…”

–John A.

“After running thru the program that he has assembled in his Pistol Craft 1 class, I can honestly say that Reid has brought this same passion into his curriculum….and then some! What you will experience in Pistol Craft 1 at Valor Ridge is a program that has been assembled by a true master in the art of teaching.

Reid has taken his knowledge of teaching and firearms and molded them together into the most comprehensive and complete block of instruction that I have yet had the pleasure of attending. The level of thought that has gone into the content that is included in the 2-day Pistol Craft 1 class is well suited to either the novice or the advanced shooter. I do not want to go into specifics about the content of the course because I want you to experience it for yourselves without any preconceived notions. I can assure you though……YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! From the time you arrive, until the time that you leave you will be immersed in a class that is more than a simple block of instruction… is an experience.”

-James Patrick Hanley

” In 25 years of instructing, and 30 years of being instructed in firearms, I can truly say this weekend of running through Pistolcraft I was THE most thorough block of instruction in fighting with a pistol that I have personally been a part of. Even prior classes with well known instructors, and joint classes with and/ or from Tier I counter terror groups was not as comprehensive as this course curriculum. I even saw (experienced) a pistol malfunction I hadn’t seen before in over 1 million rounds fired on ranges I’ve managed, and. @1,500 students. Lesson…LEARNED. I am confident your clients will not be disappointed in any of your classes, and that this one will greatly add to their tool chest for greater mastery of handgun skills.”

-Jeff W.

“This was not my first formal pistol training, but it certainly was the best training class I’ve taken – by a long shot. Put simply, training with Reid and his team at Valor Ridge Team is a transforming Experience. Not only will you benefit from some of the finest instructors in the business, you will leave “The Ridge” with a renewed passion for America, and a deepened respect for our Founding Fathers, our Founding Principles, and our Constitution.

And wow – what a beautiful location and campus! There in the majestic rolling ridges and mountains near the historic Cumberland Gap, you can almost hear the echoes of Daniel Boone and the early pioneers who blazed the Wilderness Road way back in 1775. The air is fresh and clear, and the evening bonfire competes only with the moon and the Milky Way for your attention.

Firearms training simply doesn’t get any better than this. Take my advice. Don’t settle for a good firearms training class when you can have a Valor Ridge Experience. It’s like a vacation, only better. I didn’t just bring back wonderful memories. I brought back knowledge and skills that will serve me and my loved-ones through out my life. Thank you Reid Henrichs and Valor Ridge !”

-S. Greene

“I was fortunate enough to recently attend and successfully complete Rifle Immersion (which includes Rifleman I and II) at Valor Ridge with Reid Henrichs. In the past, I have taken opportunities to attend several classes with multiple instructors at different companies in the public sector. While most of the classes I have attended were training with handguns, my single goal in attending this class was to become proficient and comfortable with a rifle. My expectations were certainly met and even exceeded under Reid’s and JJ’s instruction.”

–Jim M.

“I took rifleman 1 class this last weekend and had very little experience in shooting. What I experienced was a combination of proper mindset, shooting fundamentals, and drills which were so creative and imaginative, If someone would have told me about what I was going to experience and accomplish for the two days I would have said you are crazy. The proper mind training you taught me by staying in the moment (zen like) allowed me to to do things which would be unobtainable in this arena for me. I felt so alive in doing the drills and completing the training that is hard to describe. In fact I haven’t felt this rush of adrenaline in over 34 years! I feel now that I am capable of calling myself an armed citizen of the United States and would be capable of defending my family and others when needed, however I have much to practice and want to follow up with additional training. You have a passion for this and a calling to help others.”

-Tom H.

“I am so glad I chose Valor Ridge over all others. Reid has proven teaching skills, and the patience to correct me and correct me until I get it right. The other students were like minded and great to be around. It was hard to leave without knowing for sure when I’ll see them again. It is brand new, but was outfitted with all the equipment and amenities a top notch training facility should have. Thanks to Reid, J. J. and Rachael for an outstanding weekend.”

-Lane E.

“I attended the Pistol Craft course at Valor Ridge (in TN) on the dates noted above. Besides NRA classes, this was my first class that involved more than standing and shooting. Was I a bit nervous? YES. How was my experience at Valor Ridge with Reid Henrichs? Empowering…
The course employs, in my opinion, the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple). I had seen stuff on YouTube that I questioned (administrative press checks as an example). Valor Ridge for very logical (KISS) reasons has a better approach. Attend the class and you will know what I mean.
Over the two days you will grow quickly in your confidence to put rounds on target. The mix of classroom and range time is well balanced. Many thought provoking topics will be raised.

On a personal level, I had doubts about deploying my weapon for fear of making a situation worse. Since getting my concealed carry permit, this is the first time that I feel sufficiently trained. The NRA classes were not adequate for me. I recommend this class to anyone that, like me, needs that additional confidence achieved by training with a positive, top trainer.

Do not hesitate to seek out Reid Henrichs at Valor Ridge. It will be a positive experience.”

-Les R.

What a great weekend of training from a company of great Americans. We were given all of the tools to defend ourselves and the good people around us, the training was well thought out and was not flashy or with alot of yelling and swearing. Our class was diverse in firearms knowledge and training and we all came together as a unique family forever. I am so proud to be a part of the Valor Ridge and my class family.”

-Jim S.