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Walker W.

“The lectures for Pistolcraft 1 were almost worth the price of admission in and of themselves. Reid is really in his element in the classroom and he transitions very well from jokes, levity, and the occasional asides to some of the darker, yet necessary, subjects such as the possibility of having to kill someone with your handgun to save the lives of others. The location is absolutely beautiful, and the roaming goats can add a little comedic relief while your grabbing a snack or reloading your mags. The amount of material covered in the class made it relatively dense, but definitely doable for the 2 day class. The level of confidence both my girlfriend and I gained was huge. By the end of the 1st day my girlfriend went from timid about shooting to ringing a 8 inch diameter steel target at 25 yards on the first try. At the end of the day, she scored 96/100 on the FBI pistol qualification and I scored a 98/100. Overall we both loved it and were pleasantly surprised by the great learning environment, lectures, and drills on the range. Highly recommend!”