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Ken G.

“I just finished attending the Pistol Immersion class, (Pistol Craft I and Pistol Craft II with austere conditions) at Valor Ridge, April 2~ April 5. If you are considering these classes and weighing trying to decide if they are right for you or you for them, well question no more , JUST DO IT! You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and the innocent around you. Don’t look at it as a costly endeavor………….. it is an INVESTMENT in your future safety and those around you.

Reid is the main instructor and will always be the main instructor though he has a staff of top notch instructors that assist. It is very evident by the content and the flow of the exercises and classroom lectures, Reid has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours in design and preparation. He is truly committed in teaching you the best life-saving skills for defensive pistol. The course descriptions are exactly what you will be taught and drilled on. Do they sound a bit scary? They sure did to me, but if this 64 year old can do it so can you! Heck, there was a young woman in our class with her husband and her improvement was remarkable under Reid’s patient guidance. It’s simply amazing how he teaches the course content to all levels of experience and everyone comes away with the same skills and knowledge.

Finishing the class, I’ve never felt more prepared for the worst case scenario of defending myself or loved ones and more sure of my skills and ability in executing the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship.

I would take it again, but I’m going to start planning for the rifleman classes.”