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Les R.

“I attended the Pistol Craft course at Valor Ridge (in TN) on the dates noted above. Besides NRA classes, this was my first class that involved more than standing and shooting. Was I a bit nervous? YES. How was my experience at Valor Ridge with Reid Henrichs? Empowering…

The course employs, in my opinion, the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple). I had seen stuff on YouTube that I questioned (administrative press checks as an example). Valor Ridge for very logical (KISS) reasons has a better approach. Attend the class and you will know what I mean.

Over the two days you will grow quickly in your confidence to put rounds on target. The mix of classroom and range time is well balanced. Many thought provoking topics will be raised.

On a personal level, I had doubts about deploying my weapon for fear of making a situation worse. Since getting my concealed carry permit, this is the first time that I feel sufficiently trained. The NRA classes were not adequate for me. I recommend this class to anyone that, like me, needs that additional confidence achieved by training with a positive, top trainer.

Do not hesitate to seek out Reid Henrichs at Valor Ridge. It will be a positive experience.”