John A.

“…I completed Pistol Immersion (4 day course that combines Pistolcraft I & II) 4/2/16 – 4/5/16 and all of my expectations for this course were exceeded. Reid Henrichs, James Owens, and Patriot Nurse are hands downs some of the most knowledgeable, professional, and respectful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They all have the heart of a teacher and want all of their students to succeed and stay alive. Trust them and pay attention to every lesson that they teach.

The property and range are beyond amazing. Everything is very clean…the range is not littered with brass casings, and the view of the Cumberland Mountains / Gap looks like a postcard. It’s truly the perfect landscape for developing a martial attitude, marksmanship, and purpose of action.

Next, there is no reason whatsoever to feel intimidated or scared to train at Valor Ridge. Outside of my conceal carry course (basic NRA pistol) I had no prior training experience. The age range in my class was around 27 – 64, two women were present who were beyond capable of completing the course, and the experience level ranged from beginner to students that had multiple courses under their belts. Everyone in the class had a great attitude and came to learn.

Finally, I can say that I feel much more confident in my abilities to protect myself and others if attacked. Reid’s curriculum will present you with some of the most austere conditions one could imagine. However, it’s better to experience these conditions and gain familiarity in training vs experiencing them for the first time while being attacked.

I will definitely come back to Valor Ridge for more training. In the interim, I look forward to implementing what I learned into my daily practice…”