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James Patrick Hanley

“After running thru the program that he has assembled in his Pistol Craft 1 class, I can honestly say that Reid has brought this same passion into his curriculum….and then some! What you will experience in Pistol Craft 1 at Valor Ridge is a program that has been assembled by a true master in the art of teaching.

Reid has taken his knowledge of teaching and firearms and molded them together into the most comprehensive and complete block of instruction that I have yet had the pleasure of attending. The level of thought that has gone into the content that is included in the 2-day Pistol Craft 1 class is well suited to either the novice or the advanced shooter. I do not want to go into specifics about the content of the course because I want you to experience it for yourselves without any preconceived notions. I can assure you though……YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! From the time you arrive, until the time that you leave you will be immersed in a class that is more than a simple block of instruction…..it is an experience.”