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Tom H.

“I took rifleman 1 class this last weekend and had very little experience in shooting. What I experienced was a combination of proper mindset, shooting fundamentals, and drills which were so creative and imaginative, If someone would have told me about what I was going to experience and accomplish for the two days I would have said you are crazy. The proper mind training you taught me by staying in the moment (zen like) allowed me to to do things which would be unobtainable in this arena for me. I felt so alive in doing the drills and completing the training that is hard to describe. In fact I haven’t felt this rush of adrenaline in over 34 years! I feel now that I am capable of calling myself an armed citizen of the United States and would be capable of defending my family and others when needed, however I have much to practice and want to follow up with additional training. You have a passion for this and a calling to help others.”